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    Hi guys. Wanted to go over a new punishment system I'm going to be trialing. This system is only in a trial phase for the time being to see how it works and if it's the best fit for our community. This system involves using a demerit point system where if you build up enough points over a certain amount of time you'll be removed from the community but also allow the flexibility of people who are behaving after receiving punishment to have their demerit points removed. To give an example, say 100 points will be a permanent ban, you would then have to make a ban appeal. 25 points = 24 hour ban 50 points = 3 day ban 100 points = perm but ability to appeal. If you have acquired points over a certain amount of time, to lose those points you need to practice good server behavior for 2 months since your last offence to remove those demerit points. This allowed the flexibility of people being able to learn from mistakes. The point system will be enforced by voted in community members so staff members can be held accountable too, they will be called council members. The admin team will still have oversight over the council but won't provide input unless absolutely necessary. Points per punishment - RDM = 15 VDM = 15 Combat logging = 50 OOC = 10 Unrealistic driving (aka up chilliad) = 10 criminal activity with more then 4 = 10 Fail Fear RP = 25 Metagaming = 50 Stream Sniping = 50 Exploiting in the server (Mods, glitching through doors or doing things that you know you shouldn't do) = 100 points Abusive behavior = 25 Racism/sexism/homophobia = 100 General behavior against the spirit of the community (This is where if something doesn't line up with community standards the council can use it's discretion to push either new rule changes or remove the member of the community causing issues.) = 100 Remember, if you accrue points you can lose them over time with good behavior in the city. This system is flexible and will hopefully allow the community to police itself over time without staff input and removing biased views against admins. If you have anymore suggestion please don't be afraid to reach out to me. A council team will be voted in very shortly. The idea behind the council is it'll be a sort of jury system between what is fair and what is not and will try have the council be as vast as possible across the board so we don't create biased results.
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