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  6. Hi, My Name is Buzz Lightyear. I came from a city far far away. I moved to Los Santos to Help other. I was forced to move from my town, due to the Allen coming after me. I use to be a space ranger protecting the Galaxy. I was force to move here to Los Santos after one day a Allen came and capture me. One Day when I was protecting the Galaxy I was encounter from this Allen that capture me and forced me to work for him in his UFO. One Day when i was in his UFO I saw this space gun that shot out lasers. So I took the gun and fought off the Allen. Then I took his UFO and traveled far far away. After 30 years I ran out of Gas and Landed on this strange planet called Earth. The crash from the landing must have woken me up from hyperspace and I was confronted by these strange creatures. Later on I learn these creatures had names which was name Woody(A local Law Enforcement),Bo Peep(Had a romantic interest in Shelf Woody),Mr. Potato Head, Slinky( A dog with a long metal body), Rex ( a Dinoshore) Hamm( which was Dr evil pork chop A Pig), RC ( which was a remote control car)and Lastly A Human Named Andy Which Protected all of us. After Spending Some Years on this planet I became friends with everyone and they became family. Now I live here in Los Santos with my Brother Andy. 

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  7. Hi guys. Wanted to go over a new punishment system I'm going to be trialing. This system is only in a trial phase for the time being to see how it works and if it's the best fit for our community. This system involves using a demerit point system where if you build up enough points over a certain amount of time you'll be removed from the community but also allow the flexibility of people who are behaving after receiving punishment to have their demerit points removed. To give an example, say 100 points will be a permanent ban, you would then have to make a ban appeal. 25 points = 24 hour ban 50 points = 3 day ban 100 points = perm but ability to appeal. If you have acquired points over a certain amount of time, to lose those points you need to practice good server behavior for 2 months since your last offence to remove those demerit points. This allowed the flexibility of people being able to learn from mistakes. The point system will be enforced by voted in community members so staff members can be held accountable too, they will be called council members. The admin team will still have oversight over the council but won't provide input unless absolutely necessary. Points per punishment - RDM = 15 VDM = 15 Combat logging = 50 OOC = 10 Unrealistic driving (aka up chilliad) = 10 criminal activity with more then 4 = 10 Fail Fear RP = 25 Metagaming = 50 Stream Sniping = 50 Exploiting in the server (Mods, glitching through doors or doing things that you know you shouldn't do) = 100 points Abusive behavior = 25 Racism/sexism/homophobia = 100 General behavior against the spirit of the community (This is where if something doesn't line up with community standards the council can use it's discretion to push either new rule changes or remove the member of the community causing issues.) = 100 Remember, if you accrue points you can lose them over time with good behavior in the city. This system is flexible and will hopefully allow the community to police itself over time without staff input and removing biased views against admins. If you have anymore suggestion please don't be afraid to reach out to me. A council team will be voted in very shortly. The idea behind the council is it'll be a sort of jury system between what is fair and what is not and will try have the council be as vast as possible across the board so we don't create biased results.
  8. GENERAL SERVER RULES Abusive Behavior - Any abusive language or actions towards people that could be considered abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Racism, Sexism and homophobia on our server will net you an instant ban. (Treat female players with respect)! Trolling - Any sort of behavior that involves just trying to upset or harass other players, Intention to disrupt RP scenes and no intention to RP on the server will be dealt with swiftly Cheating and or Hacking - Any sort of cheating or hacking on the server will not be tolerated. This includes 3rd party softwares or exploiting in game glitches. You will be dealt an instant ban. Ban evasion - Ban evasion is against server rules. You will be permanently banned again. You may appeal your bans in the ban appeal section. If you ban evade you lose your right to appeal. Exploiting - If you're caught exploiting in game glitches for gain you will receive a ban. All in game exploits must be reported and you will be rewarded for doing so. Using our discord for an invitation social place for other servers is strictly a no go, it's always been one of our main rules in place, you do it then you're taking a perma flight. ROLEPLAY RULES Fail roleplay - Fail roleplay is when someone refuses to Roleplay out a scenario. All scenarios should be played out on the server. Regardless of the situation. If a situation has occurred please still roleplay out the scenario as best to your ability, then contact an admin. Out Of Character (OOC) - Out of character may not be used on the server over voice.If you need to go OOC, please take it to discord. If another person is going OOC please report it on the forums. Metagaming - Metagaming is the act of relaying in character information through any method not considered in character that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information such as "asking a friend on discord to come help you out in a scene in game" This not only ruins roleplay for others but also for yourself. In server Meta gaming is classed as giving an advantage to yourself through non roleplay means. Doing so will result in a ban. Cop baiting - Cop baiting is considered when someone is just pestering cops. Cop baiting includes - Hanging around police station, doing burnouts next to cops, speeding past cops for no reason, general pestering. Treat this like real life, would you annoy cops for no reason? Fear Roleplay - Fear roleplay should be enacted when someone is pointing a gun at you or threatening you. Fear roleplay is when you fear for your life and you do what the offender wants. The offender must give you ample time to comply with his demands. (offender can't ask you to withdraw cash) Be prepared to surrender in Roleplays if you're out gunned, not everything needs to end in a shootout remember! New life rule - Under new life rules you may continue on as the same character you were before but you must forget your memory for the past half an hour. You may not go on a revenge spree of the people who killed you. Assume you went in for brain surgery and they took away the last half an hour of your memory! Hostage taking/Criminal Action - Under all serious criminal actions you must negotiate with police before any action can take place regardless of whether you have hostage or not. Shots should not be fired where there is potential to have communication and negotiation with police. All criminal actions should be undertaken with your voice on shout so police can hear your communication. Criminals may not take a cop hostage unless you have permission from a staff member or are 8 or more cops on. No criminal group should be larger than 4 players unless given permission from staff. RDM - Players can not kill other players for no reason. If you are to kill another person you must have good cause to do so. VDM - Players can not run other players over for no reason. If you run another player over you must have a good reason to do so. Robberies - There are rules to robbery engagement. Everytime a robbery is conducted you must do so with realistic expectations. If you are robbing a player or taking them hostage you must make a demand tell them what the consequence will be and give them a realistic time frame to complete their actions you want them to take. All hostage and robbery situations must have some form of communication with police before a shoot out can occur. Combat logging - Combat logging is logging in the middle of a roleplay scene that includes scenes where you might be getting arrested or scenes where you risk being killed. Under no circumstance may you combat log. You must stay on until the scene is over otherwise you risk a ban. Group Play - No group should be roaming around with more than 4 players (full car). You may complete objectives with more than 4 people but it will have to be approved by admins. The reason these rules exist is generally because nothing good comes from group play. Mob mentality sets in and it often results in RDM or revenging. It upsets solo players when larger groups Abuse their numbers. Kidnapping - Only 1 kidnapping should occur per half an hour. This is right across the board. Groups shouldn't be constantly kidnapping and a kidnapping should never occur for no reason. There should always be a storyline as to why you're kidnapping someone. If all rules are followed then the kidnap should be adhering to fear roleplay and doing whatever they can to save their life. Ambushing - Ambushing a robbery may only occur when there is +6 police officer on. Any number below that and there should never be any ambushing at all! Police officers have a difficult job when there's low cop numbers, please understand that. Server Death And Police Raiding. Server Death - Server death only applies when you decide to kill off your character on the scene and EMS is on scene to declare you dead. If you declare dead you must change your character name and persona and do another job. This includes wiping your character account. (can't die and go back to doing what you did). All scenes where a death has occured where you haven't declared your death you'll be assumed you're still alive and treated on scene. If you aren't treated or revived and respawn at the hospital any active bolos will still be out on you. This rule will take out the loophole of people with massive punishments against their name constantly just declaring death. Police Raiding - Police raiding cars occur when a detective has built up extensive evidence against you the player. Detectives may stake out and build up evidence against you over time and once enough evidence is built up a warrant will be issued by admins for raids to take place. If a warrant is issued, you will be notified when pulled over and once you're caught you will be required to have all drugs removed off you from yourself, property and business and car. Police Holdups - You are not to ever hold up a police car that is transferring a prisoner back to the police station under any circumstance. Holding up an officer to release your mate is just not realistic so don't do it. OTHER RULES - Using exploits to help gain your advantage in the city, is a bannable offence. Anyone caught doing so will be immediately removed from the server and any other person you're with at the time. I don’t care if you’re live streaming or not. Stop being a shit cunt and using glitches and exploits to your advantage Swimming out to sea away from cops is against the rules. It’s totally fine to swim across a lake or river what not but if you just go to a beach and endlessly swim out and evade police by just diving over and over expect punishment. You can however drive your car into water but you must have the intent to swim back to land. Also driving up a mountain (such as chilliad), in a car is just plain daft, don't do it, at all. It will be considered FailRP and you'll be punished. Essential services are never to be called just to be robbed. This includes mechanics and taxis. Anyone caught doing this will be removed from the server. Bomb threats during robberies will be considered acts of terrorism. No negotiations will be considered with terrorists. (This will pull the plug on people pulling I have a bomb vest on me you can't touch me) Family - Bringing the whole 'My Cousin/My Brother/My Sister/My Dads Dogs Sisters Nans Cousin' is a cop - We are cracking this shit down, don't do it. We will start handing out bans for this, - If you want to link your characters then I'm sorry this isn't the place for you. This is technically classed as meta, start keeping your characters separate. Discord - Do not bring your characters information outside the Game and don't bring information from Discord to the Game. Keep it to RP, this is stupid shit and this is where stories just get fucked off. You are meant to be creating a story inside the game not outside. Hacking and Bug Exploits Players are not permitted to use Mods, Trainers or any other type of software that provides an advantage over other players. You may not use and abuse server bugs, if you do come across a bug then you are required to report it to the Admins via the Forum Ticket System. Missing items / Currency Unfortunately, due to how FiveM is set-up we are unable to refund any lost items or currency in game. While we understand this may be frustrating to some players, we simply cannot track what and how much you last had on you. We also cannot refund any currency or items lost due to bugs / glitches. Rule Enforcement The Server Staff (Admins, Server Moderators) reserve the right to judge incidents on a case-by-case basis and enforce Warnings, Suspensions, Kicks, Bans and un-whitelisting as they see fit to ensure that the rules of the server are up-held and the server is kept to a friendly standard to which RP can thrive.
  9. Crygenical

    These next 3 clips show roughly how long it took me to find Star, if I had meta gamed, it wouldn't have taken me that long to find her. https://neatclip.com/clip/ledyloxew https://neatclip.com/clip/48gg4q18w https://neatclip.com/clip/g89x1nw8m As said, I'll take a ban on exploiting, but the other two are false accusations made against me.
  10. Crygenical

    So, I got banned for these reasons and two of them are completely false. I never meta gamed in order to locate these players, I searched the docks starting from the ones closest to the airport all the way over to the merryweather docks, even explained this in DM's. The other thing is the RDM, I have proof that I DID in fact say something before shooting, more so, I did NOT shoot first. I'll take the ban on exploiting because that DID happen, even if it was unintentional as I didn't know about the exploit until after I had placed the homing launcher in the safe when I pulled some molotovs from the safe and noticed I had 25. This video was pulled from a stream showing I DID in fact say something AND did not fire first but was shot at first before shooting. https://neatclip.com/clip/586xvno8g
  11. I think we are ready to role......almost there

  12. Newbie here... Just wanting to get into RP and maybe basic moding eventually. Also to meet online peeps and have people to play with ☺️

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      I want to play


  13. Check this out guys !! Leave some comments ! 


  14. day 2: still not whitelisted, holding out hope

  15. PSA:




  16. somebody invite me to the fuckin discord server, i cant click the link.



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