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    • When will the merger happen? - Merger will happen during the month of January sometime before or after PAX South Will we keep MixerRP or FrenzyRP or will the name change? - We're going to be using FrenzyRP due to the fact that we want to keep our community around the idea of "open arms" so that it's just not a Mixer community. We have players from YouTube and Twitch and other platforms. We will be taking MixerRP's color scheme and applying that for our theme. What will happen to the Police? (LEO) - Frenzy currently has BCSO and State/FIB. With MixerRP having a full LSPD department, they will be taking over Mission Row PD for their entire department and everyone that is coming from MixerRP will still keep their current ranks. What will happen to the Emergency Medical Services? (EMS) - EMS from Mixer/Frenzy will merge so that there will be two Chief's to head the unit. Ranks will carry over from MixerRP and merge right into Frenzys! What will happen with MixerRP/FrenzyRP mechanics? - FrenzyRP's Benny's will stay the way it is. MixerRP's mechanics will be taking over LSC. What will happen with MixerRP's PDM job? - Since Frenzy does not have this, MixerRP's current script and players that are whitelisted for that job will carry over! Will there be a server wipe? - Due to the complexity of the databases between both servers and the way ESX forced our hands to set all of our databases up, we are unable to merge the databases together. This means there will be a server wipe. Please direct all messages to GradientWizzard#7219 MixerRP does not have Ammunations where you can easily purchase weapons. Will that still be the case? - Yes. We want to continue with Mixer's idea of forcing people to purchase weapons through weapon dealers in the city. Mixer does not use the PIT system which allows the law enforcement officers to slam into  a criminals car while on pursuit. Will this carry over to Frenzy? - Upon the merger, we will be enforcing the no PIT rule unless fired upon. What is the case for the Gangs between both cities? - It won't be an issue. The way we look at it is that there will be more rivals in the city. What will happen with the Vanilla Unicorn due to it's location and it's destresser? MixerRP will be bringing in their stress system which VU is one of the locations to destress. - Vanilla Unicorn will not be ran by any gangs due to it's actions with the stress system. Any active gangs that due operate out of the VU will need to choose a new location. What is the case of creating characters and starting money? - All character stories will still be carried along whether it's from Mixer or Frenzy. With the start money, for the first week you will start out with $100,000 to make up for the server wipe. After the first week, the start amount will drop to $35,000. If you choose not to accept any of these amounts, we will remove this money from your account if you choose to start with less for your character during the first week. *Due to our logging system, if we catch you transferring cash between characters, there is a permanent ban w/ no appeal. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please open up a ticket in Discord
    • Welcome to MixerRP, to get started on applying for whitelist, you need to register.
    • General Server Rules   Abusive Behavior - Any abusive language or actions towards people that could be consider abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Racism, Sexism and homophobia on our server will net you a instant ban. (Treat female players with respect)! Trolling - Any sort of behavior that involves just trying to upset or harass other players, Intention to disrupt RP scenes and no intention to RP on the server will be dealt with swiftly Cheating and or Hacking - Any sort of cheating or hacking on the server will not be tolerated. This includes 3rd part softwares or exploiting in game glitches. You will be dealt an instant ban.  Ban evasion - Ban evasion is against server rules. You will be permantly banned again.  You may appeal your bans in the ban appeal section. If you ban evade you lose your right to appeal.  Exploiting - If you're caught exploiting in game glitches for gain you will receive a ban. All in game exploits must be reported and you will be rewarded for doing so. Roleplay Rules Fail roleplay - Fail roleplay is when someone refuses to Roleplay out a scenario. All scenarios should be played out on the server. Regardless of the situation. If a situation has a occurred please still roleplay out the scenario then contact an admin.  Out Of Character - Out of character may not be used on the server over voice. Out of character may only be used in the /ooc chat in the server. Please avoid making out of character voice chats as it ruins the immersion of gameplay.  Metagaming - Meta gaming is gaining outside the server information about things that are happening in server such as "asking a friend on discord to come help you out in a scene in game" Meta gaming is classified is giving an advantage to yourself through non roleplay means.  Cop baiting - Cop baiting is considered when someone is just pestering cops. Cop baiting includes - Hanging around police station, doing burnouts next to cops, speeding past cops for no reason, general pestering. Treat this like real life, would you annoy cops for no reason? Fear Roleplay - Fear roleplay should be inacted when someone is pointing a gun at you or threatening you.  Fear roleplay is when you fear for your life and you do what the offender wants. The offender must give you ample time to comply with his demands. (offender can't ask you to withdraw cash) Be prepared to surrender in Roleplays if you're out gunned, not everything needs to end in a shootout remember! Vehicle crashes - You must roleplay out a major crash.  Any crash that involves highspeed crashes should result in yourself being injured. Anyone not Roleplaying crashes will be considered to be doing unrealistic driving and may be kicked from the server.  Theft of government vehicles - Stealing a government vehicle weather this is Army, EMS, Police this is against server rules and you will be automatically kicked from the server.  New life rule - Under new life rules you may continue on as the same character you were before but you must forget your memory for the past half an hour. You may not go on a revenge spree of the people who killed you. Assume you went in for brain surgery and they took away the last half an hour of your memory! Hostage taking/Criminal Action - Under all serious criminal actions you must negotiate with police before any action can take place regardless of whether you have hostage or not. Shots should not be fired where there is potential to have communication and negotiation with police. All criminal actions should be undertaken with your voice on shout so police can hear your communication. Criminals may take a cop hostage if there is 7 or more cops on or have permission from a staff member. No criminal group should be larger than 5 players unless given permission from staff. Combat procedures RDM - Players can not kill other players for no reason. If you are to kill another person you must have good cause to do so. RDM includes randomly punching a player / randomly killing players. Your actions must have a story to back up the action or you risk being removed from the server.  VDM - Players can not run other players over for no reason. If you run another player over you must have a good reason to do so (such as feared for life from player shooting at you) We advise players to avoid VDM in Roleplay though. VDM includes randomly running people over for no reason.  Robberies - There are rules to robbery engagement. Everytime a robbery is conducted you must do so with realistic expectations. If you a robbing a player or taking them hostage you must make a demand tell them what the consquence will be and give them a realistic timeframe to complete their actions you want them to take. All hostage and robbery situations must have some form of communication with police before a shoot out can occur.  Combat logging - Combat logging is logging in the middle of a roleplay scene that includes scenes where you might be getting arrested or scenes where you risk being killed. Under no circumstance may you combat log. You must stay on until the scene is over otherwise you risk a ban.  Police stations/Hospitals - These areas are considered safe zones and no combat should occur in these areas. If combat occurs in these areas you risk consquence from staff. Assault Weapons - You may use assault weapons (Assault Weapons are expensive). In the event of a robbery or hostage situation and you are using assault weapons you will be asked by police "are you using high grade powered weapons" if you are using assault weapons you must say "yes" at this point TR will respond and you must give police time to set Tactical response up. Assault weapons may only be used in these two scenarios or if given explicit permission by an admin of the server. We will do set up roleplays where players will be given the opportunity to use assault rifles. Assault rifles must never be used in general play such as roobing someone, running from the cops, pointing a assault rifle at someone. Any sort of general play you're expected to use a normal hand gun or shot gun if unracked properly through rp means. The reason these rules are in place is due to fairness. No one likes to be rolled by someone using an assault rifle when you're only using a hand gun.  Group Play - No group should be roaming around with more than 4 players (full car). You may complete objectives with more than 4 people but it will have approved by admins. The reason these rules exist is generally because nothing good comes from group play. Mob mentality sets in and it often results in RDM or revenging. It upsets solo players when larger groups Abuse their numbers.  Kidnapping - Only 1 kidnapping should occur per half an hour. This is right across the board. Groups shouldn't be constantly kidnapping and a kidnapping should never occur for no reason. There should always be a story line as to why you're kidnapping someone. If all rules are follow then the kidnapp should be adhering to fear roleplay and doing whatever they can to save their life. Ambushing - Ambushing a robbery may only occur when there is +6 police officer on. Any number below that and there should never be any ambushing at all! Police officers have a difficult job when there's low cop numbers, please understand that. Server Death And Police Raiding.  Server Death - Server death only applies when you decide to kill off your character on the scene and EMS is on scene to declare you dead. If you declare dead you must change your character name and persona and do another job, This includes wiping of your bank account. (can't die and go back to doing what you did). All scenes where a death has occured where you haven't declared your death you'll be assumed you're still alive and treated on scene. If you aren't treated or revived and respawn at the hospital any active bolos will still be out on you. This rule will take out the loop hole of people with massive punishments against their name constantly just declaring death.  Police Raiding - Police raiding car occur when a detective has built up extensive evidence against you the player. Dectives may stake out and build up evidence against you over time and once enough evidence is built up a warrant will be issued by admins for raids to take place. If a warrent is issued, you will be notified when pulled over and once you're caught you will be required to have all drugs removed off you from yourself, property and business and car.
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